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Pbtp Air Conditioning was established as a business just over two decades ago here in Los Angeles County. We set the business up to help customers with their air conditioning and heating needs. As a company that prides itself on fantastic customer service and being extremely punctual in getting to our clients in time we always push for the best from our air conditioning techs.

When you have any air conditioning issues you will be happy to know that we are here to listen to what the problem is and address it in a prompt and scheduled manor. When we do see the seasons change here in Los Angeles it’s normally a case of the night gets cooler as we drop in to the winter months. This is when the heating can be switched on for the first time since last winter and on occasion you will find it will not start pumping out heat. In cases where this happens it can sometimes be something simple like the pilot light has gone out or it can be due to a larger issue concerning some parts that might need replacing. It’s always good to have us come out and check the system out, we will resolve the matter for you and give the heating system a full service for you. Do not attempt to light the pilot light yourself, have a professional come out and take care of it for you. As soon as you notice the pilot light out call us straight away because gas will be leaking in to your home.

When the season changes again to where the weather starts to get warmer and we find the air conditioning system getting turned back on the system can sometimes start up and then instantly shut down. This is pretty common and a simple maintenance can get the HVAC working again. Here at Pbtp Air Conditioning we are always seeing this problem and we manage to get it taken care of quick and effectively so you are not sat in a hot and stuffy environment for too long. If it turns out to be a broader problem then we have a whole warehouse full of parts so we can rush to get it repaired once the issues has been located.

Pbtp Air Conditioning is happy to work on residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning and heating repair and installation projects. We always step up to a challenge no matter how complex or big a project is and we employ the best planning and teams to a project to make sure its completed on time and the repair work is done right first time. If you would like more information about our services here at Pbtp Air Conditioning then please feel free to call us or email us via the contact page, we greatly appreciate your business and we look forward to hearing from you.